Batman vs. Superman: Katee Sackhoff to Play Harley Quinn?


With two major roles filled in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, the question now becomes will any other major characters be making an appearance in Zack Snyder’s 2015 epic? So far we’ve heard rumblings from actors volunteering their services like Justin Timberlake saying he wants to play the Riddler, and now Riddick star Katee Sackhoff has thrown her hat into the ring as well.

In a recent interview with Screen CrushSackhoff was asked if she ever wanted to play an actual superhero rather than a supporting character in a made up superhero movie. The actress hummed and hawed before saying Harley Quinn is a character she has dreamed of playing.

Per Screen Crush:

I’d love to play Harley Quinn. I’d love to play Harley Quinn. You know, people talk about the fact that [cough] I’m aging my way out of it & I just say that, “if Jack Nicholson can play Joker, I can play Harley Quinn.” So, totally. Yeah, I mean, & that’s like a dream come true. You know? I, um, yeah. I mean, you know, there’s so many interesting characters that I just loved, yeah.

Now, this was simply Sackhoff saying she would like to play Harley Quinn and nowhere was it stated that this was a possibility beyond just her dreams. That being said, the idea of Harley Quinn existing in the Synder-verse is something that might happen. We’ve never seen a live action Harley Quinn before and including her could be a nod to The Joker, a character we’d all like to see show up and save Batman vs. Superman, but not even Synder has the gall to cast him just yet.

Sackhoff has made a name for herself on the comic book circuit as she earned geek-cred for her run on Battlestar Galactica as has always been a favorite among comic book and sci-fi fans. Harley Quinn may not be a certainty in her future but it’s a thrilling idea to ponder.

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