'Gravity': Alfonso Cuarón’s Latest Gets New Full Trailer

Last night, Warner Bros. Pictures released a new, full trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s newest film, Gravity. This trailer is the first two and a half minute package we’ve gotten for the new film, which is making its debut at Toronto International Film Festival with some rave reviews. We have seen snippets in the form of short “teasers”, which really were just glorified clips from the film, but this is the real deal folks. This trailer gives us context, back story and provides some more doses of horror that are sure to make this, my most anticipated film of the year, irresistible entertainment.

Check it out below!


Those clips where spectacular and the trailer just enhances the sense of dread and maybe even provides us with a better sense of what the bulk of the film’s content will focus on. If you’ve seen those clips, then a lot of this will seem familiar, although no less intense and frightening.

A lot has been said about Cuarón’s use of reflections in this film and you can start to really see that technique at work here. This film wll feature poor Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) spinning and floating into the void of space for a good amount of time and to avoid making his audience vomit, fixing the camera on Stone’s face and seeing the motion through a reflection on her visor is enough to tell us her situation without nauseating the audience. George Clooney‘s guiding voice is at once relaxing (someones out here with you) and almost annoyingly grating. Stone’s predicament is so out of this world and intense, his words, although in nature are helpful, just increase the sense of panic.

It’s absolutely brilliant.

It’s exciting to watch and utterly terrifying….still! Even after the clips and this trailer and the TV spots which are starting to make their way on Primetime television, the film seems effective at grabbing hold of whoever is watching and really drawing them in.

This trailer is the last I’ll watch of this film until October 4th (for real this time), which is when I will be buying a ticket as soon as humanly possible and enveloping myself in Cuarón’s vision of space, inertia and Gravity.

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