Will Smith May Be Returning for 'Independence Day 2'


When it was announced back in July that director Roland Emmerich would be going back to the 90s action well to helm the sequel Independence Day 2, it was announced almost simultaneously that star Will Smith would not be back as part of the cast. It was the sort of thing that cancelled out the announcement of the sequel. The reasoning at the time was that Smith didn’t want to do the film, but according to a report from Digital Spy, that is something that might have changed.

Digital Spy spoke with Emmerich recently who backed off the claim that Smith would not be involved in the film. He didn’t fully confirm that Smith is back, rather he did mention that he has a meeting with Smith in which Independence Day 2 will be discussed.

Of course, none of this means Smith will indeed be back, in fact he has said recently he wants to move away from big budget blockbusters films, especially after the epic failure of AfterEarth. However if Smith dies want to retire from blockbusters, going out on a film that made him into that star is the kind of full circle ending that Hollywood gets tickled over all the time.

Smith’s return to the film would instantly boost the interest around the film beyond the group of five people actually wanting a sequel to Independence Day. A lot might need to happen before that’s the case but at least it appears Smith is open to the idea, which is a start.

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