Adam Sandler Being Tabbed for Jason Reitman's Next Film 'Men, Women & Children'


Adam Sandler has been in a rut for the better part of his career, let alone the past ten years where he has gone hitless it seems. It’s not as though the former SNL funny man hasn’t made money with his films, but it seems he hasn’t made a critical hit since he teamed with Paul Thomas Anderson for Punch Drunk Love.

That could all be about to change as Sandler may be teaming up with Academy Award nominated director Jason Reitman for the upcoming film Men, Women & Children.

Per a report from First Showing:

However, it sounds like we might get the return of the true actor side of Sandler that we’ve seen sparsely in films like Punch-Drunk Love, Spanglish, Reign Over Me and Funny People. Deadline has word that Jason Reitman (Juno, Thank You for Smoking and Up in the Air) will direct an adaptation of Chad Kultgen’s novelMen, Woman & Children with Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Rosemarie DeWittcurrently circling lead roles in the film looking to start production in November.

This would be spectacular news for fans of Sandler’s true acting side, a side of the comedian we seldom see but wish we could more often. It was like when Jim Carrey finally bridged the gap between being Ace Ventura and starring in Man on the Moon (which remains one of the worst Oscar snubs in recent memory). We got to see a new dimension to an already talented actor and it made us love him even more. Sandler has the talent to shelve the fart jokes and actually act, and that’s something Reitman will bring out of him.

Nothing is official yet and Sandler is just rumored to be involved in the film. He could end up dropping out, as it wouldn’t be the first time he was attached to a film he never ended up starring in (see: Inglorious Basterds). Sandler needs a critical hit to revive his image in Hollywood otherwise the sour taste of Grown Ups 2 will sit with audiences longer than it has to.

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