Mel Gibson Appears on 'Machete Kill' Poster, New Production Stills

It’s been a rough decade for Mel Gibson, but the Academy Award winning actor is attempting a comeback that seems to be working at least on paper. After taking the indie route over the last few years, Gibson is back in big budget Hollywood movies, albeit movies just on the outskirts of big budget Hollywood.

Gibson is set to star in Expendables 3 alongside just about every action star to have ever appeared in a movie, but first he will be appearing in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills. We hadn’t seen much of Gibson’s character up until now but with the film coming out in a matter of weeks, he is finally showing up in production stills as well as the official movie poster.


In the film, which is a direct sequel to Rodriguez’s camp tribute Machete, Gibson stars as a villainous arms dealer who is looking to spread death throughout North America. Machete is employed by the President of the United States, played by Charlie Sheen, to hunt down and kill Gibson before he takes over.

It’s a ridiculously amazing plot that clearly comes straight from the inner B-movie Grindhouse nerd within Rodriguez. There’s no promise that Machete Kills will be any good, but it boasts quite the cast with Oscar nominees across the board and could serve for some decent fall escapism fun.


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