Vin Diesel Hints at Marvel Crossover with Avengers and Spider-Man, X-Men or Fantastic Four (Video)

Vin Diesel is currently making the rounds promoting Riddick, and despite the fact that it’s getting a mild reception from fans and critics, that’s not stopping the actor from talking up his other upcoming roles. While Fast and Furious 7 is a hot talker at the moment, nothing is hotter than Diesel’s involvement in the Marvel universe and his cryptic quotes continue to make fans wonder just what his original meeting at Marvel was really all about.

As was revealed in an earlier interview with Diesel, he let is drop that the original meeting at Marvel was not for the studio to offer him the part of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, rather to discuss what Diesel called “fresh IP”, meaning a brand new character or a brand new concept for a film.

In a more recent interview with Maria Menounos, Diesel further elaborated on what he said but did so without stepping on the money shot, which here is information he is still holding back about a potentially massive development in the Marvel universe.

“It was even talking about something so big that I can’t even talk about,” Diesel told Menounos. “Because it’s like a merging of brands in a way, which I won’t get into.”

The key phrase to take away from that is ‘merging of brands’. Like his cryptic ‘fresh IP’ line — which we are just assuming means a new character and could be something totally different — Diesel is leaving the interpretation of his quote up to Marvel fans. The most logical meaning of ‘merging of brands’ is a crossover with an existing Marvel property.

Diesel is starring in Guardians of the Galaxy which many believe will crossover with The Avengers but the speculation doesn’t begin to end there. Many fans believe with the upcoming Fantastic Four film, Diesel could be hinting that he is in talks to play Silver Surfer, or that another studio like Sony’s Spider-Man or 20th Century’s X-Men could be brought into the mix.

Of course, Diesel is clearly getting a kick out of leading fans on, and we likely won’t know what exactly he’s talking about until it actually happens. All that is official now is he’s voicing Groot for Marvel and that’s it.

But more is likely to come as Diesel’s relationship with Marvel seems to be just heating up.

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