Oscars Predictions 2014: George Clooney, Tom Hanks Won't Be Best Actor Locks


With Oscar season rolling around here with October looming — and with it Oscars predictions — now is the time to begin to consider possible nominees to watch as their films are released. Just like every year, there are films we know will produce nominations and those that will surprise us, but there are also some films and actors floating out there that are early favorites that might end up disappointing.

Two of those actors are no strangers to the Oscars: George Clooney and Tom Hanks.

Both have multiple films coming out this fall that could snag them OScar nods, which sort of feels like their stacking the deck. Clooney has both Monuments Men and Gravity set to come out and Hanks will be starring in both Saving Mr. Banks and Captain Phillips. While all four films look like they will be at least decent, there are some serous flaws, whether they be with the films themselves or the Academy, that will prevent Clooney and Hanks from being the Oscar locks they appear to be this early in the game.

For starters, Gravity is a sci fi film. No knock on Alfonso Cuaron, but the Academy simply did not recognized him or Children of Men in 2006, despite great themes which may also appear in Gravity. They also completely robbed his crew of the 2006 Oscar for cinematography, just like in 2011 with the Tree of Life.

Then there’s Tom Hanks and Saving Mr. Banks. From everything I have seen from the trailers, Saving Mr. Banks is tacky safe no risk telling from Disney. I recognize that the Academy eats that up, but have been also aware that Disney films just have not hit it out of the park since 2010’s Toy Story 3. I also expect there to be many lackluster moments in the storytelling.

Of course, with four films hitting theaters during Oscar season for Clooney and Hanks, their odds are significantly better than others. That being said, take away both Gravity and Saving Mr. Banks and the playing field has been leveled. Stack both actors up against a deep field this year and all of a sudden those Oscar locks are starting to look like they are standing on very shaky ground.

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