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Brett Favre, Jim Brown and 10 NFL Players Who Turned Into Actors

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This Sunday marks the start of the 2013 NFL season, a moment football fans everywhere have been looking forward to since their team’s season ended last year. For Baltimore Ravens fans, their season ended after everyone else’s did and it ended as Super Bowl Champions. Everything gets reset today though and despite cynics who say otherwise, everyone technically has a chance for at least this week.

With the NFL starting, it got us to thinking about how movies can be tied into all the festivities and frankly it’s not that hard. Next to football, movies are one of the most popular things in American society so it’s not a surprise that so many NFL players have turned to acting both during and after their careers.

They haven’t turned in any Oscar winning performances, but players from Terry Bradshaw to Carl Weathers have turned to movies at some point in their careers. 

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