Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins: Sunday Night Football Will Create Problems for Breaking Bad Fans


As of this Sunday night, there are only four epic episodes left of AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad, but there’s also something else pretty massive happening tonight. This Sunday marks the start of the 2013 NFL Season and with it comes the premiere of Sunday Night Football on NBC. While not everyone in the country follows football, statistics show more than half of Americans do. This means if you follow the Dallas Cowboys or Washington Redskins you’re going to have some scheduling issues tonight.

The Cowboys and Redskins are scheduled to kickoff at around 8:20pm ET tonight and Breaking Bad is slated to start at it’s usual 9pm ET slot on AMC meaning football fans will have only 40 minutes of time where their nightly viewing schedule isn’t conflicting.

Sunday Night Football and Breaking Bad going toe-to-toe isn’t a one week occurrence either, despite the fact it won’t last all season long. There are only four episodes of the show left but that means the first four weeks of Sunday Night Football will create conflicts for football fans wanting to catch both the game on NBC and Walter White’s journey on AMC.

Thankfully, with the help of both Netflix and Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to catch both and not have to choose to miss one in favor of the other. Users in the United Kingdom will be able to catch the new episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix on Monday and users in the United States can catch the newest episode on both their iPhone’s and iPad’s with the help of Amazon Prime.

The scheduling conflict will only last the first four weeks of the NFL season, which means some fans won’t have too bi of a problem missing a quarter or two of the NBC game. But if you need to see both, there are thankfully ways you won’t have to choose between one or the other — unless you’re trying to squeeze Boardwalk Empire in there too.

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