Batman vs. Superman: Fan Writes a Book Asking If Ben Affleck is Bad For Batman


When Ben Affleck was announced as the next Batman in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman film, fans were not at all tickled. In fact, the anger of Batman fans has yet to die down completely and some fans are not going to go about the decision without letting their anger be voiced. That’s the case for one fan who was so intrigued by the decision to cast the Oscar winning actor as Batman that he penned a 31-page eBook detailing just what ‘Batfleck’ means to the legacy of Batman.

Eric Nolan — no relation to the important Batman Nolan — wrote a 31-page eBook entitled ‘Ben Affleck: Bad for Batman?’ which is currently available to purchase on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle capable devices. Before you cast this off as another angry fanboy just ranting about Ben Affleck as Batman, Nolan actually puts forth a balanced debate about what Affleck really means for the legacy of Batman.

Other than being a blatant attempt to cash in on a current, the book does raise an interesting angle to the whole ‘Batfleck’ situation and that’s one of understanding. Nolan isn’t saying if Affleck is right or wrong for the role of The Dark Knight, rather he’s trying to raise a debate about it.

At least one Batman fan is putting down the pitchfork for a moment of reflection on a casting decision that has caused many a fanboys to lose sleep.

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