Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: From Fallen Action Star To Box Office King

Can you smell what The Rock’s been cooking? A whole heaping of box office successes one after another, that’s what. From The Fast & Furious franchise to his inclusion into the newly rejuvenated GI JOE series to his upcoming tent pole franchise the film Hercules, “ The Rock,” Dwayne Johnson has been here, there, and everywhere with end in no sight.

Sure, the likes of Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt can open massively well-known franchise films or ride the co-tails of the current “Zombie”  craze to  global success in Mission Impossible and World War Z. But do you think for one second, either one of them would be asked to come on board to add a much needed box office boost domestically & globally for any of the upcoming Fast and Furious films or family friendly fare in the vain of  Journey Into The Center of The Earth?…. HELLS TO THE NO!

Like his fellow Pain & Gain co-star Mark Wahlberg, who can go from playing stupid, dimwitted in Ted to stoic and generic action star” in 2 Gun’s, “The Rock” always keeps it simple, and that’s the key word  to his success; SIMPLE. “The Rock” always keep it simple, while being a malleable  multiracial actor who appeals to various key demographics across various genders, age groups, and income brackets.

Do you need someone who can play stupid while looking buff and dodging bullets? Sure then why not ask “The Rock,” to be in your new movie by Michael Bay ( Pain & Gain). Do you need someone who can look awkward, ham it up and still act tough while still not turning off your key core group of kids/toddlers? Then sure why not sign up “The Rock” for The Tooth Fairy. Does your film need a kick in the butt as a credible go to action film while having a large appeal overseas? Well then hello GI Joe: Retaliation & Fast & The Furious film series, let me introduce you to ‘The Rock’, he’s going to single-handedly  rejuvenate, revitalize your fledgling franchise and help bring them back to life.

“The Rock,” may not have the overly charismatic grace, charm, wit of Brad Pitt, but by sticking to a formula and a highly successful one at that, he has been able to be on top of the box office charts in record numbers this year.

And that my friends, is far better than having people make fun of you for being a Scientologist or tracking your every move while you travel the globe with your brood & Angelina Jolie.

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