Jared Leto Says He Lost "30-40 Pounds" for 'Dallas Buyers Club'

One of the biggest hits on the festival circuit this year has beenDallas Buyers Club, a film that many are saying will be the first Oscar nomination for actor Matthew McConaughey. But while McConaughey turns in a performance of his career, so too does career supporting actor Jared Leto who again is brilliant in a role you couldn’t picture him in.

If you’re having trouble picturing Leto in the film, it’s because the actor dropped over 40 pounds to play an HIV-positive transsexual woman. Leto explained his dramatic weight loss claiming he just simply stopped eating and eventually lost count of just how much weight he had lost.

Per Huffington Post:

“I stopped eating. … It was 30 or 40 pounds,” Leto continued. “After a while I stopped counting. It changes the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you think.”

This isn’t the first time Leto has altered his appearance to blend into a film and turn in a great performance. He dyed his hair bleach blonde and allowed Edward Norton to beat his face to an unrecognizably bloody pulp in 1999’s Fight Club and followed that up by growing cornrows for his role in another David Fincher film, Panic Room. His most dramatic weight change prior to Dallas Buyers Club was for Chapter 27 in which Leto put on 67 pounds to play John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman.

But Leto’s most dramatic alteration to his body comes for Dallas Buyers Club and while McConaughey is garnering plenty of Oscar buzz, so too should the always surprising Jared Leto.

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