Star Trek, Star Wars Crossover: J.J. Abrams Snuck R2-D2 Cameo In 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'

Right now J.J. Abrams is trying to piece together the next film in the Star Wars saga, but just because this is the first time he’s traveling to a galaxy far, far away as a director, the world of Star Wars has always been with him. A self professed Star Wars geek, Abrams did the unthinkable and crossed over two of the most popular film franchises of all-time when he meshed Star Wars with Star Trek in his latest film.

It wasn’t the massive crossover that fans would maybe like to see, but Abrams managed to sneak one of the most recognizable Star Wars characters into his world of Star Trek. About an hour into the movie, when the USS Vengeance fires on the USS Enterprise, R2-D2 can be seen flying out of the ship amid a slew of bodies and debris.


It’s pretty subtle and virtually everyone up until now has missed it. Filmmakers throw these types of Easter Eggs into movies all the time, especially in scenes where great detail can conceal an inside joke like throwing R2-D2 into a Star Trek movie. J.J. Abrams’ good friend Matt Reeves put the logo for the DHARMA Initiative in the credits of Cloverfield and the folks behind Finding Nemo put Buzz Lightyear in their film not unlike the way Abrams threw in R2-D2.

Abrams has switched from the world of Star Trek to Star Wars and the R2-D2 nod is just a teaser to what might be in store when 2015 rolls around. Star Trek fans possibly upset about the cameo in their film will be looking very closely for a similar Star Trek cameo in Star Wars Episode VII. 




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