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Star Wars Episode VII: Benedict Cumberbatch May Still Land Role in Next Star Wars Film

One of the biggest rumors to hit the Star Wars Episode VII rumor mill involved award winning actor and fan favorite Benedict Cumberbatch signing on to play a Sith Lord in J.J. Abrams’ first Star Wars film. This was quickly shot down by the actor’s reps, but when he was asked about it by Access Hollywood, the Star Trek and Sherlock actor didn’t say he wasn’t open to the idea of joining the film.

Cumberbatch stated he would love to work with J.J. Abrams again, but he reiterated that no offer had been even discussed let alone made, and that’s pretty much the end of that rumor.

Per Access Hollywood:

“No matter what anyone said or is talking about, this is the simple truth: JJ and I have worked together before, I’d love to work together again. … There’s been no offer made and that’s that–and that is that.”

There isn’t a movie coming out in the next three years that is more anticipated than Star Wars Episode VII and already fans are starting to get antsy about what Abrams has in store. Adding a big, talented name like Cumberbatch would no doubt settle some fears fans have but as of now it’s all a fantasy, but one that might not be as far off as you’d think.

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