TIFF 2013: Bill Condon's The Fifth Estate falters

Making it’s debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate disappointed those in attendance. The film opened to mixed reviews. Touchstone Pictures will distribute the $30 million film on October 18th and is marketing the movie as a thriller rather than as a biopic.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

One question that people are asking is: Can the film appeal to American audiences?

At a TIFF press conference, Condon told the press: “Our conversations were just go ahead, embrace the ambiguity, be more ambiguous, don’t worry about that.”

“He’s an absolute pioneer and he’s made a huge difference,” Condon said of Assange.

“We did feel that the questions raised were more provocative than the conclusions that we could possibly draw because he’s a global figure who’s still alive,” DreamWorks chairman Stacey Snider said.

THR awards analyst Scott Feinberg writes that he does not see much Oscar potential in the movie, which kicked off TIFF 2013. Feinberg writes:

While many of the films playing at this year’s fest are Oscar hopefuls, this one strikes me as more of a commercial play than an awards one.

Political films don’t do all that well at the box office so The Fifth Estate has a long way to go.

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