Grand Theft Auto V: When Will Grand Theft Auto Movie Be Released?


We are just a week away from the release of one of the most anticipated video games of the year, as Grand Theft Auto V hits shelves next Tuesday. With the franchise returning to it’s roots in a way, the question of when a Grand Theft Auto film will be released have been asked, and that question was answered by series creator Dan Houser.

Speaking to The Guardian ahead of the release of the new game, Houser said that he has been approached numerous times in the past with studios wanting to adapt the game on the big screen and each time he has turned them away.

Per The Guardian:

We’ve been offered, many times, and it’s never appealed. The money’s never been close to be worth risking one’s crown jewels. Our small dabblings with Hollywood have always left us running back to games. The freedom we have to do what we want creatively is of enormous value. The second you go near Hollywood, people seem willing, or have been forced, to lose a lot of that control. That sort of amorphous ‘that won’t test well’ attitude is exactly how we don’t work. We’ve always tried to think of stuff that’s innovative and new, and to go into a world where that’s not encouraged would be horrible.

So for anyone holding their breath for a Grand Theft Auto film, doctors orders are to release and breathe. A film has never happened and apparently will never happen and that’s the end of the discussion. This isn’t a studio saying no or a director, it’s the creator of the series and the only man who can seriously start a discussion about a film adaptation.

It’s actually a testament to Houser that he can turn away even more millions when it comes to producing a film franchise based on the video game franchise. But the integrity of the games will be kept intact as long as Houser as a say, and that means no Grand Theft Auto movies for at least a very, very long time.

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