Magic Mike 2: Channing Tatum Recruiting Jamie Foxx for Sequel

They teamed up to fight terrorists in White House Down, and now the duo of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx may be getting down in the sequel to the surprise hit Magic Mike. Speaking recently with British talk show host Alan Carr and extended an offer to Foxx regarding his inclusion in Magic Mike 2

Tatum and Foxx may have seemed like they were just having a good time, but according to BleedingCool, the offer is something that Tatum is very serious about, as are his prospects for actually making the film.

Magic Mike was a surprise hit when it was released but the sequel will be sans director Steven Soderbergh which means Tatum is planning on making the film his directorial debut. Where Magic Mike was based in large part on the pre-acting life of Tatum, the sequel is said to be more of a road-trip movie that the actor turned director is planning on making “less slice-of-life” than the original film.

There are rumors of Soderbergh returning as director of photography on the picture, but Tatum seems serious about making the film with or without the help of his good directing friend. Trading out the talent Soderbergh for Foxx isn’t a fair swap but it’s one that will at least give distributors hope at the box office.

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