J.J. Abrams Endorses Rupert Wyatt as Next Director of 'Star Trek 3'

trekWith J.J. Abrams turning in his boarding pass to the USS Enterprise for a Han Solo vest and a seat next to Chewbacca, there have been lots of questions about who will take over as director of Star Trek 3. Abrams simply cannot direct both Star Wars and Star Trek 3 at the same time, but he has endorsed a guy he thinks would do a good job stepping in for him.

According to an interview Abrams did with HitFix, the director endorsed Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt as his choice to replace him for Star Trek 3.

He’s incredibly talented and we’d be lucky to have someone as talented as Rupert. But there are things we’re focusing on right now before the director, which is just sort of the fundamentals of where the story is gonna go…It’s too early to talk about details but there have been a lot of really exciting ideas about what comes next.

Star Trek fans have been wondering who will take over for Abrams and with a rumored 2014 production start date being circled, at least  by actor Zachary Quinto, finding a director is starting to become a hurdle that the production hasn’t been able to get over.

However, the time to name a director seems near and Rupert is now the stand alone front runner to win the job. Not only is he on most shortlists to direct the film, Abrams himself has stepped forward to give him his blessings which all but guarantees he’ll be the guy behind the camera on Star Trek 3.

Still, it’s too early to call it at the moment, but a decision is likely looming which means production will get underway on schedule for that 2016 release date.

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