J.J. Abrams Expanding Bad Robot Offices for 'Star Wars, Episode VII' Post-Production

Star Wars, Episode VII will begin production in a few months in London based Pinewood Studios. That is the same studio where the original trilogy’s soundstage scenes were filmed and in executive producer Kathleen Kennedy‘s attempt to return Star Wars to its roots, that is where the new trilogy will be filmed. That isn’t news.

Nor is it new that director J. J. Abrams has publicly voiced his preference to shoot his next film in the confines of a Southern California studio. The man was able to shoot a good deal of his previous films in sunny California and was apparently hoping to do the same for Star Wars. The producers had other plans and for fans following Episode VII‘s development, seemed to be a bump in a road that had previously been the smoothest of freshly paved roads. Speculation even began to ring that Abrams would drop from the project if filming in L.A. couldn’t happen.

But it seems that a compromise has been reached.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Abram’s Los Angeles-based Bad Robot Studios is adding “a green room, sound studios and other new facilities will be developed within the three-story, 18,000-square-foot Santa Monica building…built specifically for the Star Wars project.”

So it definitely sounds like Abrams and his crew will be doing at least some post-production work in Santa Monica. I figure the post- production work will be split between the Bad Robot offices and Industrial Light & Magic offices in Northern California.

Latino Review takes it another step further and has an unnamed source clarify the situation:

All of  post-production and re-shoots are to work around Abrams and Actors schedules. 90% of shooting in London. Also they are building the Millennium Falcon on at Pinewood. Interior is done.

The pieces are all being put into place and that above statement makes me feel that actors either have been cast and are just waiting to be announced or actors are very, very close to being cast….and are just waiting to be announced. October has long been thought to be the month major casting would be announced.

Star Wars, Episode VII will be released in 2015 and any news on the high profile film can be found at FlickSided!

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