Amazing Spider-Man 2: Chris Cooper Says Sequel May Feature Green Goblin

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There seems to be a rule in superhero movies that you can have as many good guys as you want but you better not overload your film with villains. With the notable exception of The Dark Knight, no comic book film has survived the multiple villain formula unscathed. But Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man series is throwing in all the villains it can in Amazing Spider-Man 2, but according to one of the stars of the series, not all the villains will show up traditionally.

Chris Cooper, who has been cast as Norman Osborn, recently spoke about what the films will hold and he dropped a bomb about Green Goblin possibly showing up as soon as the 2014 sequel but almost certainly in Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Per Access Hollywood:

“['Amazing Spider-Man 2'] is an introduction to Norman Osborn, and, apparently, this leads to better things in ‘Spider-Man 3′. I think it’s fair to say that he’s on his last legs and I don’t know if I can say anything more.”

Now starts the speculation about who will play Green Goblin and how soon he will show up. In Sam Rami’s adaptation of the comics, it was Willem Dafoe’s version of Norman Osborn who first created the suit and became the villain only to have son Harry Osborn — played by James Franco — take on the role in the second and third films.

In the Comic-Con trailer shown for the film, Cooper’s Norman Osborn is shown bed-ridden and ill, something that was hinted at early on in the the first Amazing Spider-Man. This would lead audiences to believe it’s Harry who first puts on the suit, meaning an appearance of Green Goblin could be teased at the end of the second film to lead into the third.

We won’t know just what Marc Webb has in store for Green Goblin or any of the Spider-Man villains set to appear over the next three films. All we know is Green Goblin will be making an appearance, the question is when and by whom will he be portrayed.

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