Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains His Role in 'Batman vs. Superman', Says Ben Affleck Will Be Great (Video)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently making the talk show rounds to promote his new film Don Jon in which he plays a porn addict struggling to balance his love of sex with actual love. Gordon-Levitt appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to talk about the movie but the subject of Batman came up immediately from Letterman.

The actor was asked about his role in the new Batman vs. Superman movie — and that role is non-existent.

Letterman asked Gordon-Levitt why he was never called to play Batman in Zack Snyder’s 2015 film Batman vs. Superman rather than Ben Affleck. The actor stated that he was never called or in talks to play Batman despite being passed the mantle at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, a film Gordon-Levitt said is not connected to the new Snyder films.

“I was only in one on them,” Gordon-Levitt told Letterman. “What you’re referring to is the character I play who’s named John Robin Blake is in the Batcave at the end. I’m assuming everyone’s seen the movie. I apologize if I spoiled the movie. I apologize if anyone hasn’t seen it yet because I just ruined the ending, but Dave already spoiled it, so it’s not my fault. But that’s what you’re referring to. And I just think it’s a good ending to those movies.”

Gordon-Levitt then backed up Affleck as Batman, adding to the list of actors who have thrown their support behind the Oscar winner amid savage fan protest.

“I don’t know,” the actor said when Letterman asked about all the fan hatred directed at Affleck. “I think he’s going to be really good.”

Among other things Gordon-Levitt talked about with Letterman was his inspiration for making Don Jon a comedy, something he attributes to a cannabis session with Canadian comedy stoner Seth Rogen. But the topic of Batman likely won’t come up too often for Gordon-Levitt, even if fans are still clamoring to get someone other than Ben Affleck in the role.

[H/T: The Late Show]


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