Luke Evans Dracula Film Gets Another New Title


Classic Universal monster movies are getting their fair share of reboots lately, and Dracula seems to be no exception. However, while 2010’s Wolfman and the upcoming Frankenstein seem to be following their original counterparts more closely, the Dracula reboot starring Luke Evans is veering off that course a bit.

Previously named Dracula: Year Zero, Universal has announced that the reboot will now be called Dracula Untold and will be unlike any other vampire film we’ve seen so far.  According to actor Luke Evans, who will play the titular character, Dracula Untold will tell not another story of Dracula but rather the man who became Dracula.

Per an interview with Coming Soon:

“[Don't think] of the Dracula that Bram Stoker created. The Dracula that I’m going to be portraying is the origin of Dracula. It’s about the man that became Dracula. Don’t be too quick to think he’s a bad guy. I’m just going to say that.”

There have been attempts to reboot the Dracula franchise in recent years, but so far the last great adaptation of Dracula remains Francis Ford Coppola’s 1993 version of the Bram Stoker tale.

But Evans is telling audiences to throw that version out of their mind when they see Dracula Untold, but truth be told history is not on Evans side when it comes to making a decent Dracula film that tries to live outside the norm.

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