Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson Star in 'True Detective' Trailer (Video)

HBO is known for it’s amazing cinematic television shows that feel more like short movies than they do a television show, a trend they seem to be continuing with the release of the new trailer for True Detective. 

The new show stars academy award nominee Woody Harrelson alongside Academy Award hopeful Matthew McConaughey and it looks mysteriously fantastic.

The show follows McConaughey and Harrelson as they try to solve a mysterious murder case in Louisiana that has been open for the last 17 years. As USA Today and The Hollywood Reporter both pointed out, the show will follow a similar formula shared by American Horror Story which constantly sees the cast and storyline changed up.

This means both that McConaughey and Harrelson might not be around for more than just a season but we could see other high profile movie actors use the show was a way of flexing their television muscles. Already there has been a severe shift in interest when it comes to movies versus television with major stars like McConaughey and Harrelson — who haven’t found it hard to find consistent film work — jumping over to TV as a way of expanding creatively.

True Detective debuts this January and looks to be yet another high profile hit for HBO.

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