Wonder Woman Movie Being Pitched, Developed by Max Landis and Warner Bros.


With all the machismo of the Marvel and DC worlds in Hollywood, the very legitimate question of where a Wonder Woman movie is has become very relevant. Despite a few strong female characters being sprinkled in the Marvel universe, female superheroes have yet to breakthrough but that’s something that might be changing.

Screenwriter Max Landis, son of legendary writer/director John Landis, recently spoke in a Q&A on Reddit and touched on his plans to pitch a Wonder Woman movie to Warner Bros. Landis, who will not be writing the sequel to his breakthrough hit Chronicle, was asked what he has planned for a future with ‘real’ superheroes.

“Either a version of Green Lantern that played like ET meets Stand By Meusing the goth/punk [scene] and Kyle Rayner, or Wonder Woman using a pitch that I intend to make to WB,” Landis said during is AMA session on Reddit.

While the idea of Landis getting behind a Wonder Woman movie gives the impression that Warner Bros is interested in starting up that film franchise, don’t hold your breath. Landis still has yet to pitch the idea to WB and should it get considered or even green-lit, the film would have to fit in with what DC currently has planned with it’s universe occupied by only Batman, Superman and Zack Snyder at the moment.

But as so-so as the chances are that a Wonder Woman film comes about, fans can take solace in the fact that DC seems to be gearing up for a comic book movie war with Marvel and beating them in the race to churn out the first female superhero movie in this era would be a giant step towards catching up with their rivals.

Still, a Wonder Woman movie rumor has popped up pretty consistently for the past five years or so, which means getting too excited about this may not be the best thing in the world to do.


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