Jamie Foxx Says Supervillain Group Sinister Six Will Appear in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3'


When Sony renewed their deal with Marc Webb and the Spider-Man franchise in order to produce three films in addition to the 2012 original The Amazing Spider-Man, many people wondered what exactly was going on. Typically a film franchise is set up as a trilogy but with Sony and Spider-Man, there are four planned films.

Jamie Foxx, who plays the villain Electro in the sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set to hit theaters next summer, hinted at what those plans might be and fans of the Sinister Six will be very pleased with what he had to say.

“They actually talked about doing the Sinister Six, so fingers crossed,” Foxx said when asked by Total Film is he’d be interested in doing the Sinister Six for The Amazing Spider-Man series. “When you think about it, electricity never dies. It just goes to a different place, so…”

Of course, Foxx ended that cryptic statement with a cryptic wink.

Now this isn’t at all a complete or total confirmation that the Sinister Six will be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man series, but it’s clear that the blocks have been set up for it.

In the original Sinister Six, Doc Octopus contacted all the super villains Spider-Man had fought in his crime fighting career and was able to team up with Kraven The Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture and Electro. TO further prove this is where the franchise is going, Doc Octopus contacted Dr. Connors, who was transformed into the villain ‘The Lizard’, tying to recruit him to the gang. Connors refused saying he didn’t hold anything against Spider-Man, kind of like the post-credits scene we saw attached to the Amazing Spider-Man.

Of course, a lot can happen that could derail plans for a Sinister Six showdown with Spider-Man, but there have been just too many hints and too many actors talking about the Sinister Six for it to not happen.

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