Justin Bieber Cast as Robin in 'Batman vs. Superman'?

Batman fans everywhere pillaged and rioted after the announcement that Ben Affleck was cast as the the actor who will play the Dark Knight next, and at the time it seemed like no other casting decision could quite enrage a fanbase like the one that had just occurred — until tonight.

According to pop star Justin Bieber’s Instagram account, the teenie-bopper sensation has a version of the script for Batman vs. Superman with the names Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer on it. Of course, the chances of this being a Bieber prank are fairly high, especially considering a tweet he sent out just hours before the picture went viral and the heads of Batman fans exploded.

Screen Crush decided to take the bait for the sake of it being something that Warner Brothers might be desperate enough to do. In a hilariously ridiculous yet completely frightening possibility, Screen Crush pointed out that it indeed makes sense for the brass as Warner Bros. to want to cast a name like Bieber in a Batman film as you’re essentially tripling your box office return at that point.

This of course is just a hoax the Canadian is pulling on everyone, but it’s not a story because Bieber “punk’d” us, rather the possibility that a Robin being cast in Batman vs. Superman is something we hadn’t really considered in the aftermath of the Batfleck casting, and while Bieber won’t be staring in the role, there’s a high chance someone might.

One thing is certain we can take away from this. By day, Justin Bieber is an emotional train wreck of a pop star; by night he’s a master troll.

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