Kristen Stewart Paid $500,000 for 15 Minute Date with Middle Eastern Prince

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Millions of Twilight fans paid upwards of $13 dollars to see Kristen Stewart and spend a few hours with her on the big screen. But one Middle Eastern prince went above and beyond when it came to winning a date with Stewart as according to an article in The New York Times, Harvey Weinstein pimped Stewart out to a prince for a grand total of $500,000.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, as the price was eventually agreed upon at half a million dollars thanks to Weinstein’s negotiating and the total sum went to charity, so in the end this was all actually a good thing.

Per the New York Times:

“Mr. Weinstein described persuading [Kristen Stewart] to accept an offer from a Middle Eastern prince, who said he would make a large contribution to the Sandy relief effort if she would speak with him.

‘How much?’ Ms. Stewart asked, according to Mr. Weinstein. He checked with the prince, who proposed a figure, which Mr. Weinstein promptly raised to $500,000.

The money was delivered in advance, in cash, Mr. Weinstein said. [James Dolan, MSG's chairman] locked it up in Madison Square Garden, he said. ‘And Kristen sits with the guy for 15 minutes.'”

It may seem like the prince overpaid for 15 minutes of enduring Stewart’s sad pout, but in the end everyone won as the prince got a date with a movie star, $500,000 was donated to charity and Harvey Weinstein finally found a way for Kristen Stewart to use her talents for good.

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