Batman vs. Superman: Will Robin Character Be Appearing in Man of Steel Sequel?

On Friday night, Justin Bieber trolled the internet hard by simply posting an Instagram photo of himself with what looks like an official Batman vs. Superman script, which lead folks on a whirlwind rumor that the pop star would be playing Robin in Zack Snyder’s upcoming 2015 sequel to Man of Steel.

If you’re still under the impression that the rumor is real, just take a minute to calm down. However, while Bieber continues to win bonus points for trolling so hard all the time, through his prank he raised a very interesting question we hadn’t yet considered: will Robin be appearing in Batman vs. Superman?

Going back to the fake script that was posted, under the title read a caption that the script was based on The Dark Knight Falls, a chapter in the Frank Miller classic The Dark Knight Returns in which Batman fights Superman. However in Frank Miller’s graphic novel, Robin is played by a young girl — insert lame Justin Bieber is a girl joke here.

We already know that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be a middle age version of the character when we meet him, and we know that in most comics, by the time he’s a seasoned crime fighter, Batman has or has had at least one side kick.

Christopher Nolan stayed away from having Robin in his Dark Knight trilogy due to Bruce Wayne being too young and early on in his career as Batman to have been able to have a sidekick. Nolan threw Robin fans a bone with John “Robin” Blake, but it’s been almost 20 years since we last saw Robin appear in a live action Batman film and we’ve only seen Robin pop up twice in post-60s camp Batman movies.

So while Bieber may just be trolling us with rumors of the pop singer being cast in Batman vs. Superman, he indirectly has started a conversation we haven’t yet had about the new version of Batman and that’s the question of whether or not Robin will be by his side.

Taking Bieber out of the equation, would you like to see Robin return to the screen in Batman vs. Superman or one of the other Ben Affleck Batman films down the line? Sound off in our comments section below.

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