Cincinnati Bengals Players Hang Out With Mark Walhberg, Michael Bay on 'Transformers 4' Set


There are plenty of perks to being an NFL star. From the attention you get from millions of fans basically all the time to the millions of dollars you’re paid for playing football only part of the time, next to being a rock star there are few gigs in the world people wish they had more than being a football star.

For one thing, football players are constantly in front of the camera, whether it be on Sunday or in commercials or interviews. But for the Cincinnati Bengals, this summer was spent with added time in front of the camera as HBO documented their training camp for the series Hard Knocks. But for safety Terence Newman, he couldn’t get enough of the Hollywood glitz and glam and spent last Saturday in Chicago visiting the set of Michael Bay’s new film Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.

The Bengals were in Chicago last weekend to kick off their 2013 season against the Chicago Bears. When the team got to their downtown Chicago hotel, they noticed that right outside, Michael Bay and Mark Walhberg were filming action scenes for the new Transformers movie.

Naturally, Newman went down to take a look and, as Luis Gomez of the Chicago Tribune put it, used his clout to get on set and snap some pictures that the poor normal lady driving by couldn’t get.

Newman obviously used up all of his hype on the set of Transformers 4 as he and his Bengals defensive teammates were torched by the Bears less than 24 hours later, much to the chagrin of fantasy football owners like myself.

The Bengals are back home in Cincinnati this week to host the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team who had a cameo in last year’s The Dark Knight Rises. Hopefully for fans paying to see the game both live and at home, the two teams bring all the action they experienced on the set of their respective movies and displays it on the field

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