Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez: Justin Bieber to Dress Up As Robin to Walk Out Mayweather?


Last night the internet blew up when pop star Justin Bieber posted a picture of himself with what looked to be the official script for the Batman vs. Superman movie. The rumor instantly started that Bieber would be playing Batman’s sidekick Robin in the Zack Snyder movie set to come out in 2015.

But for those who used common sense, this was quickly deciphered as a hilarious prank by Bieber who managed to get millions of people up in arms without actually saying a single word.

Now that we know the script was just a gag to punk the fine folks on the internet, the question is how far will Beiber take this joke and how committed to getting laughs is he? The question comes up as Bieber is reportedly going to be walking boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the ring tonight when he takes on Canelo Alvarez.

So is Bieber going to go all in on the gag and dress up as Robin when he walks Mayweather to the ring?

The Andy Kauffman fan in us all wants to see this happen, but while Bieber is a master troll when he wants to be, walking out the world’s most well-known boxer during what will be one of the most watched events of the year isn’t a time Bieber is going to want to cater to his comedic side.

It’s true that a stunt like that would instantly win Bieber over half the audience that loathes him for his normal antics of being a teen pop sensation, but Bieber still cares about looks and will have to wait another put the exclamation point on his brilliant Batman trolling incident.

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