Justin Bieber Batman Role: Could Bieber Pull Off Playing Robin?

By now, mostly everyone has heard the rumor that pop singer Justin Bieber posted an Instagram photo of himself with what looks to be a Batman vs. Superman script meant specifically for him, leading fans to ‘belieb’ that the Canadian is in talks to play Robin for Zack Snyder’s 2015 film.

Of course, if you’ve heard this rumor, we hope you fall into the pool of people who recognize this as Bieber continuing his reputation as a master troll, faking out everyone on the internet out of boredom. But because some people actually believe this is a legitimate rumor, let’s pretend for a few moments that Bieber has been cast as Robin — how would he do?

Considering he has on acting experience whatsoever outside of his Saturday Night Live appearances, he would be starting from behind to begin with. Not only has he not once displayed that he can carry a serious role, he’ be playing Robin, meaning one of the most whiny, polarizing figures in pop music would be playing one of the most whiny, polarizing sidekicks ever.

So he’s a fit, if for nothing else, that bizarre coincidence.

In the pro column of this argument, Bieber has two huge things going for him. Not only is he good looking but he’s wildly popular with a demographic that normally wouldn’t bolt out to see a Batman or Superman movie. So right there you’ve tapped into a market that can only help the final box office numbers, which would be what a movie like hiring Bieber would be all about.

But what if he ended up being good? Could Batman fans really swallow their pride and admit that Bieber played a decent Robin, or would he already be cast aside from the start based on who he is?

Luckily, all of these questions will never be more than hypothetical as Bieber has not nor will he ever be cast as Robin and believing otherwise means you’ve been trolled by a man who’s winning some over by being a Jedi Master troll.

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