Justin Bieber as Robin: Kevin Smith Hopes Casting Rumor is a "Mean Prank"

Late on Friday night, pop sensation Justin Bieber was sitting alone, wondering what to do with his time. So he tweeted out a photo of himself with what looks like a Batman vs. Superman script and the internet went insane. If you thought 13 year old girls went nuts over Bieber concerts, Batman fanboys went even crazier with rage over a rumor that Justin Bieber was in talks to be cast as Robin in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film.

For the looks of it, this is just another example of Bieber trolling the internet, something he’s done numerous times in the past. But director and self-professed Batman nerd Kevin Smith isn’t ready to bury the rumor just yet, and while he isn’t saying he believes it, he did say he’s hoping the rumor is nothing but a “bad prank”.

The rumor started when Bieber posted the now viral photo on his Instagram account, but many are writing this off as a prank as Bieber posted on his Twitter account earlier that he was “getting ready to do something funny…or die”, implying that the folks over at Funny or Die may behind this whole mess.

Let’s not forget that the infamous ‘Fail Twerk’ ended up being the workings of Jimmy Kimmel, so before we take viral content too seriously, let’s consider reality.

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