Breaking Bad: Quentin Tarantino's Connection to Bryan Cranston's Hit Series


We all know how cool Bryan Crantson’s hit AMC series Breaking Bad is but not many people know just how deep the geek cred of the show really runs. From series creator Vince Gilligan’s ties to X-Files and Bryan Cranston’s role in the 90s on Seinfeld, there are plenty of connections to pop culture history living within the world of Breaking Bad.

A little known connection belong to director Quentin Tarantino, who through a simple game of six degrees can be easily connected to Breaking Bad and it’s lengthy resume of pop culture ties.

Like last week’s episode, tonight is sure to feature the character of Uncle Jack in a pretty prominent role. When we left the last week, we were engaged in an epic shootout and this week will see th conclusion and fall out of that. But the character of Uncle Jack is our connection to Tarantino as he’s played by Michael Bowen.

Since Jackie Brown, when Bowen had a significant role, he’s appeared in two more Tarantino films where he had memorable roles. Without a doubt his best role in a Tarantino movie was as an ATF agent alongside Michael Keaton in Jackie Brown but audiences may also remember him as the sleazy Buck in Kill Bill Volume 1. In that film, Bowen played the sleazy Buck, a nurse who pimps out Uma Thurman’s come-induced Beatrix Kiddo.

Bowen also had roles on Vince Gilligan’s X-Files as well as the other hit TV sensation from the 2000s Lost. With Bowen now also starring in Breaking Bad, he’s officially been culturally relevant for three straight decades. His connection to Tarantino only further proves his versatility as an actor and adds to the geek cred for Breaking Bad — as if it needed anymore.

But he could go down in even more history if he ends up playing a role in Walter White’s death, which is something we will find out starting with tonight’s episode.

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