Matthew McConaughey: Or How I Learned to Put On A Shirt and Win Critical Acclaim


Remember the time when Matthew McConaughey was a well respected actor, who took his work seriously and was seemingly mentioned in all the newspapers top critics circles as an actor to watch, the next  “big thing,” along the lines of De Niro, Pacino?

Neither do we.

In fact, if you looked at the Matthew McConaughey of today, you would maybe even suspect that he was possessed by some alien life form, controlling him to act in films that required him to take off his shirt and just stand there. But with his recent roles, it’s looking like McConaughey has exorcised his shirtless demons.

Not convinced that’s what happened?

Let’s take a look at Matthew McConaughey’s  stunning array of various award winning note worthy films of the last decade.. Did you hear about  the one where he meets a random girl who is down on her luck because she has such a busy job,  but is really looking for true love? Hello!! The Wedding Planner starring Jennifer Lopez. Or did you see the one where he  randomly meets another  amazingly and astonishingly good looking girl who seems to be down on her luck with a dead end job, and no love prospects, like Failure To Launch? How about that one where he meets a down on her luck Kate Hudson who needs to find a man to take his shirt off, mumble in a Texan accent and then fix her life with his abs?

Throughout the past decade, you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a poster of Matthew McConaughey without his shirt, romancing some down on her luck woman.

However, over the past couple of years, Matthew ” The Bod,”  McConaughey (as I like to call him)  has ditched his shirtless act, kicked those stupid romantic comedies to the curb –sorry Kate Hudson, but let’s face it, maybe you should follow suit — and learned to embrace his true talent, becoming the promising actor that we once knew and once loved.

From his amazing performances in Killer Joe, as a crazy southerner with a gun and a penchant for violence, to his performance in MUD, where he played a crazy southerner with a gun and penchant for violence, to this award seasons much talked about role in Dallas Buyers Club….. Oh whatever! We’re just happy that Matthew  McConaughey, ditched his shirt, started acting, even if it ends up being in the movie with  the same role over and over again.

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