Harry Potter Fans React to Announcement of New Films


Last week the movie world was rocked by the announcement of more Harry Potter films coming to theaters in the next few years. While not everyone was jumping for joy over the news, as some moviegoers are still indifferent to the series, fans who flocked to the original films came out in droves to do their best Ewok celebration dance over the news.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harry Potter fans everywhere are rejoicing over news that J.K. Rowling will be spinning off new films based on the massive world she created, and it’s something that could end up being a successful spin-off given just how much there is to work with.

“Harry Potter fandom as a whole, right now, is in an uproar,” according to Brandie Sylfae. She’s certainly someone who’d know, being one of two organizers of the Portland, Ore branch of the Harry Potter Alliance, one of the leading forces of Potter fandom. “Tumblr has come alive,” she continued. “People are saying ‘Oh my gosh, Harry Potter fandom is back’ and Tumblr is filled with Harry Potter stuff. I went online this morning at 9 o’clock Pacific time, and a repost of the announcement already had over 19,000 notes on it. People are very, very excited about this.”

That right there about sums up all you need to know. We don’t want to generalize opinions of Harry Potter fans based off of one opinion but it’s pretty safe to assume the feeling around the wizard community echoes those felt in Portland and by people just like Brandie Sylfae.

There have been no official dates given in terms of when the films will be released, but news should start to come in as we press on with plans for the films production.

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