Justin Bieber Confirmed to Not Be Playing Robin in Batman vs. Superman


One of the funniest rumors to hit the internet this weekend came from a guy who is proving to be making up for his teenie bopper pop career by doubling as a master troll. Justin Bieber makes 15 year old girls cry by just appearing, but Batman fans had that same reaction when rumors popped up that Bieber would be putting on Robin’s suit for the Batman vs. Superman movie.

In case you didn’t already decipher this as a hilarious prank by Bieber, someone had to actually reach out Warner Bros. to confirm or deny the pop stars involvement in the movies. Spoiler alert: it was indeed a prank.

Per The Wrap:

A person with knowledge of the real script assured TheWrap that the photo Bieber Instagrammed over the weekend is not authentic — and is most likely part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch.

The biggest thing to take out of that blurb is that ‘Instagrammed’ is now a verb. But in case anyone needed anymore comfort in knowing Bieber is not at all involved in Batman vs. Superman, there’s all you need to know.

But as we’ve been pointing out since the prank took the internet by storm, the real thing to discuss out of this is whether or not Robin will be appearing in the new Batman vs. Superman movie. We know nothing of the details about the script or what comics the film will draw from, but not since the George Clooney days of Batman have we had an ‘aged’ Dark Knight which means the time could be right to bring back Robin.

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