Walking Dead Star Laurie Holden Joins Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels in 'Dumb & Dumber To'


The cast of Dumb & Dumber To continues to pack star power as another big name has signed up to appear in the long awaited comedy sequel. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Walking Dead star Laurie Holden has been added to the star studded cast that already has supporting roles filled by Kurt Russell and Kathleen Turner.

According to the report, Holden is joined by Steve Tom and Rachel Melvin, and the three will play a family hatching a “nefarious plot” in the film.

Per THR:

The new additions to the cast will play the Pichlow family.

Walking Dead star Holden is not the female lead, but in a key role will play Adele Pichlow, the wife of a wealthy doctor who has hatched a nefarious plan involving the lives of her husband, Dr. Pichlow (Tom) and her step-daughter Penny (Melvin).

We don’t know much about the plot outside of hazy details but the cast supporting Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in their iconic lead roles is shaping up very well. The hope now is that all of this won’t fall flat on it’s face and ruin the magic and comedy of the 1995 original. So far that doesn’t look to be the case but we won’t really know until we see a finished product.

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