Arnold Schwarzenegger To Play Villain in 'Avatar 2'?


Arnold Schwarzenegger has James Cameron to thank for the career he’s had, that’s an undeniable fact. While the Austrian body builder likely would have succeeded in some way as an actor, his role as the cyborg assassin launched him into the action star career he’s trying to revive and milk once again.

Besides starring in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables 3 next year, Schwarzenegger is going back to the director that made him a star as Latino Review is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be starring as the villain in James Cameron’s Avatar 2.

Per Latino Review:

according to top level sources, a bad guy human general is going to be played by someone who hasn’t worked with James Cameron in almost 20 years. Ready? It’s none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As with all rumors from Latino Review, they’ve demonstrated that we must pump the brakes with the Schwarzenegger rumors but it’s very possible that Cameron would team back up with the actor given their history together.

Not only did The Terminator make Schwarzenegger into a star, it helped Cameron set the foundation for a career that included films like AliensTerminator 2Titanic and countless Oscar nominations and wins. Schwarzenegger and Cameron also worked together two more times after the Terminator on Terminator 2 and True Lies.

But the real question is has Cameron outgrown Schwarzenegger and would he put him in Avatar 2? We know that Cameron is hellbent on making the film, and Schwarzenegger could fit the bill as an overzealous army commander.

Don’t hold your breath on the rumor just yet but it’s certainly something to possibly monitor as both Cameron and Schwarzenegger refocus themselves on their upcoming stages of their film careers.

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