Ben Affleck Laughs Off Batman Haters, Compares Fan Reaction to Oscar Snub (Video)

The tremors from Batman fanboys beating their keyboards against their heads over the announcement of Ben Affleck playing Batman can still be felt. When the two-time Oscar winner was cast as the next Dark Knight, rage erupted from all circles of the internet and petitions asking for the decision to be overruled by the public popped up almost instantly.

Ben Affleck made his first post-Batman appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and spoke publicly and on camera about the role he’s stepped into and the intense fanboy hate that followed shortly thereafter.

“I saw the announcement,” Affleck said. “I look down at the first comment, Ben Affleck’s going to be Batman, and the first one just goes, ‘Nooooooooooooooooooo!’”

Affleck addressed and laughed off the hate that has been directed at him over being cast as Batman and took everything in stride. The actor said if he could handle being snubbed for a Best Directing Oscar (which he still jokingly refers to as an Emmy), he can handle a few pissed off Batman fans.

Affleck talked about when Warner Bros called him up to officially offer him the part of Batman, saying he was sold on Zack Snyder’s vision for the character and the film.

“He has this incredible take on it,” Affleck said of Snyder’s vision. “Obviously, he can’t do what [Christopher Nolan] did, those are amazing. .. he wants to do something different, but still in keeping with that.”

We don’t know exactly what Snyder, Affleck or Warner Bros has in store for Batman vs. Superman but Affleck seems to be settled into the role well and isn’t letting initial negativity get him down.

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