Jason Statham Nearly Dies on Set of 'Expendables 3' (Video)

Sylvester Stallone is taking action heroes and fans down memory lane with his trilogy of old guys kicking ass. The latest of the Expendables films is currently shooting now but that trip down memory lane almost took actor Jason Statham to the icy depths of the Black Sea.

According to co-star Terry Crew, who recanted the near-death experience for Jay Leno this week, the incident took place during a stunt involving a truck and Statham’s driving abilities.

We were doing a stunt and Jason Statham was driving the truck, and we were supposed to be on the back of this truck. For some reason we’re over there talking, sipping smoothies and he gets in the truck… We’re in Varna, Bulgaria, on the edge of the Black Sea, he literally was supposed to stop the truck, we [get out and] shoot the whole thing. Well, the truck doesn’t stop! The truck rolls over the dock, into the Black Sea with Jason Statham driving!”

Crews admits that he went full Last Crusade and watched the jeep sink thinking Statham was a goner, only to have the actor pop up out of the water and dry off as though nothing had happened.

I’m in a heap on the ground, he’s in the water, in the truck! Now we are freaking out. Everybody’s screaming, I’m [crying], and literally he gets out, swims to the top and the truck is gone. And we’re supposed to be on the back of that thing, I was supposed to be on that! He gets back, they dry his clothes, and they’re just like: ‘We’re going to shoot it again, we’re going to shoot some more.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ Let me tell you something, Jason Statham, he is a true bad, bad, badass… I couldn’t believe it!

Statham’s accident luckily turned out better than others that have occurred on movie sets, but the incident is a reminder that while what we are seeing on the screen isn’t total reality, there is an element of danger that goes into making the movies we sit in the comfort of our homes and enjoy.

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