Paul Greengrass Quits Aaron Sorkin's 'Chicago 7' Over Budget Issues

Academy Award nominated director Paul Greengrass won’t be working with Oscar winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin after-all. The two were set to work together on Sorkin’s script Chicago 7 but Variety reports that Greengrass has bailed on the production after disagreements over budget with DreamWorks.

Per Variety:

As Variety first reported last week, DreamWorks was asking for a budget of around $30 million and sources familiar with the project say that Greengrass turned in a budget on Monday that was closer to $40 million — more than the studio is willing to pay.

Greengrass, who’s film Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks is due out in theaters soon, had been working over the past few weeks on getting the budget close to what DreamWorks wanted but felt he couldn’t get it below $40 million and still do the film justice. The director is garnering Oscar buzz for his film with Hanks which means he won’t be losing any sleep over the fallout of Chicago 7‘s production.

As for Sorkin, DreamWorks and the future of the film, Greengrass dropping out is just another roadblock in a long line that has prevented the project from clawing it’s way out of Development Hell. The search for a new director begins as Greengrass joins Steven Spielberg as directors to have been attached to the film only to drop out shortly thereafter.

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