Arnold Schwarzenegger Won't Be Starring As Villain in Avatar 2


Yesterday a rumor popped up from the ever reliable, let’s throw things against the wall and see what sticks, source Latino Review that claimed action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger would be reuniting with Oscar winning director James Cameron for Avatar 2. Today we learn from The Hollywood Reporter that we should pump the brakes on the rumor.

Let’s not shovel on Latino Review too much, as they’ve broke more casting rumors than most sites have including being dead on about Bradley Cooper snagging a part in Guardians of the Galaxy which seemed unbelievable at the time but was totally truth. This one sounded good but at this point, it’s just not happening.


Reports stating that Arnold Schwarzenegger will reunite with James Cameron for the filmmaker’s Avatar 2 are incorrect, according to 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the billion-dollar original. A Fox spokesperson said on Tuesday that Schwarzenegger, who memorably starred in Cameron’s Terminator and True Lies movies, will not be in the sci-fi sequel, nor is the actor being considered for any role.

The rumor sounded too good to be true and as of this moment it is. We’re still holding out hope that somehow Schwarzenegger finds a way to work with Cameron again as every time they’ve done so it’s resulted in a lot of entertainment and a lot of money for studios.

Instead of Avatar 2, look for Schwarzenegger next in Expendables 3 along side every other action star since Errol Flynn starred in Robin Hood.

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