Grand Theft Auto V, Half-Life and 10 Video Games That Need to Be Turned Into Movies

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We are now officially over 24 hours into the Grand Theft Auto V craze and nobody is ready to come down from their latest video game high. Already Grand Theft Auto V has sold over $800 million worth of games and gaming material and so far there’s no signs of the gravy train slowing down, so this is right about the time Hollywood likes to jump on to start siphoning some of the cash flow their way.

Recently the topic of a Grand Theft Auto movie came up and it was promptly shot down by series creator Dan Houser but it got us thinking; with the cinematic turn that most quality video games have had recently, at least in terms of how the stories within them are told, combined with the adaptation blanket that is always keeping Hollywood warm (and rich), what are some video games that need to be made into movies?

With most of these games, it’s just a matter of time before something happens with them, as Assassins Creed is already on it’s way to theaters in 2015 and more will follow. But these games need to lead off any list a Hollywood executive is looking at when it comes to adapting the next video game movie for audiences. 

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