Justin Bieber Batman Role: Chris O'Donnell to Teach Bieber How to Be Robin?

Last week, the internet was abuzz with a rumor that Justin Bieber would be playing Robin in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie set for a summer 2015 release. Of course, even though there was clearly a picture floating around with Bieber and a Batman script, the whole incident was a prank and is part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch.

Further evidence of that is a photo that has popped up on the Funny or Die Instagram page that shows former Robin actor Chris O’Donnell posing with the same script Bieber had in the same exact position.

Obviously this photo hasn’t taken the internet by storm quite like the Bieber picture did, and by now we know that this is all just a Funny or Die sketch in the making. What the photo of O’Donnell with the Batman vs. Superman script does do is it gets us excited for what the sketch will be, as it appears the Robin of old is going to be teaching the Robin of today how to work with Batman.

The sketch is starting to write itself, but it’s a nice distraction for fans still upset over he casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, even is he’s publicly stated he could care less what fans initial reaction to his casting was.

[H/T: ComicBook.com]

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