Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck to Replace Zack Snyder as Director?

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When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, fans has instant Oscar amnesia and erased Affleck’s solid independent filmmaking career from their minds. Never mind that Affleck had directed the solid Gone Baby Gone, the intense The Town and the Oscar winning Argo, that dude was Daredevil and he’s going to ruin Batman said Batman fans everywhere.

But one fan not ready to jump all over Affleck as James Franco has stepped forth to not only suggest that Affleck will be great as batman but he believes — in so many words — that the Oscar winner should replace Zack Snyder as director.

Per E! Online:

“I think he’s proved himself now as both a director and an actor, but I will say he’s best in the movies he directs,” Franco, a veteran of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise, said at the Toronto International Film Festival while promoting Palo Alto and Child of God.

“Maybe he should direct it,” he said. “I think he should direct it.”

Franco’s idea is actually one that some fans not opposed to Affleck’s casting have pondered in recent weeks. There is a very real fear among fans that Zack Snyder will ruin the Batman vs. Superman film so many have been waiting years for, and Affleck has much more directing cred than Snyder.

Some even speculated as soon as Affleck was cast as Batman that the actor could be lining himself up for a superhero directing gig. Affleck’s presence definitely helps the film and will help Snyder but it will put pressure on him as well to not produce another DC film that underperforms with critics even if it rakes in more money than expected.

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