Breaking Bad Series Finale: Last Two Episodes Will Each Be 75 Minutes Long


The end is near for Walter White and the hit AMC series Breaking Bad but the network isn’t going to just send things off with a whimper. If you had been watching the series up to this point — especially if you’ve been tuning in lately — and that intensity will be prolonged for the final two episodes of the show. According to Breaking Bad writer Peter Gould, the last two episodes of the show will extend beyond the usual 60 minute mark and add an additional 15 minutes, putting the run times at a firm 75 minutes. 

As if we couldn’t get enough Breaking Bad already, the show is going to — when the tally is official — give fans an extra half hour’s worth of material and as Badass Digest put it, a lot can happen in the 15 allotted minutes per episodes.

It’s really a blessing for fans sad to see the show go, as the announcement that 15 minutes per episode for the final two of the series can be the difference between having the show sent off with a great ending and having the show be sent off with an epic orgasm of awesomeness sprinkled over a mountain of the most incredible things ever.

Well, let’s not oversell it, but the ending of Breaking Bad was already going to be classic television and the added time will ensure that everything happens as it needs to.

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