Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston to Star in Dalton Trumbo Biopic

Picture this:

You’re the star of the biggest show on television. That show, Breaking Bad, is ending and it is very apparent that the world is your oyster. Earlier this year, you were in a film that earned Best Picture at the Academy Awards and have been rumored to star in everything from Man of Steel 2 to Star Wars, Episode VII and you have a fan base that is huge, rabid and itching for more Bryan Cranston.

So Bryan Cranston, what do you do next?

The answer, according to Deadline, is sign on to play the titular role in Jay Roach‘s new film, Trumbo. The film will be penned by screenwriter John McNamara from the Bruce Cook authored biography of blacklisted screenwriter James Dalton Trumbo. Trumbo, at a time was Hollywood’s biggest, richest screenwriter. He won two Academy Awards while blacklisted under pseudonyms (The Brave One and Roman Holiday) and wrote some of the most popular films of his time including Exodus and Sparticus. He also served time in federal prison in the 1950s for refusing to speak before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.

Deadline notes that Trumbo was at the forefront when it came to busting down the Hollywood blacklist era and that his struggles, both professionally and personally, were as difficult as one could imagine they were back in those days.

The most shocking thing about this announcement isn’t the subject of the film, the star attached to it or anything even remotely Breaking Bad related (sorry). What instantly grabs my attention is Jay Roach’s name.

THE Jay Roach. This is the man who directed the three Austin Powers films (some of which were better than others); who directed Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers; who had a hand in creating truly one of my most loathed films of all time, Dinner for Schmucks.

Don’t get me wrong; International Man of Mystery, The Spy Who Shagged Me and  Meet the Parents are all fun comedies and all three are among my most beloved childhood memories. But the man hardly seems like the sort of director to tackle this subject.

Its certainly eye-catching and we will have to wait and see how this project turns out.

When release dates are announced and more casting is filled, you can be sure to find that information here at FlickSided.

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