Cameron Diaz Gets Naked and Flirts With Penelope Cruz for Ridley Scott (Video)

Cameron Diaz has needed a hit film pretty badly as of late. Her string of so-so critical disappointments have left those remembering her promising early days with a bitter fondness. That could all change though with Diaz’s latest role in Ridley Scott’s The Counselor which boasts all the pieces for being an Oscar contender this year.

Another clip for the movie was released this week which gives us a better idea of the character that Diaz will be playing as well as the character played by Penelope Cruz. In the clip the two actresses strip down and dish, giving us more information about them as well as something else — a well acted scene.

From what we’ve learned so far from other trailers and clips that have been released ahead of the film’s October 25th release, Diaz is engaged to Michael Fassbender’s character who plays the main character in the film. Somehow seedy underhanded deals lead to Fassbender getting drawn deep into the dark underworld controlled by characters played by Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem and others.

The cast is absolutely outstanding and with a legendary mind like Ridley Scott captaining the ship, it would be very surprising to see this film fall flat come awards season.

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