Kansas City Chiefs Fans Replace Movie Titles with Dontari Poe's Name on Twitter


In the NFL, it’s all about who you root for and how insane your fan base is. Despite the losing years and the terrible players and the general awfulness that has followed the Kansas City Chiefs for the last decade, their fans have remained pumped up and loyal through it all. Now that the team has Andy Reid as head coach and are actually contenders in the AFC, those fans are even more excited and pumped up and took to Twitter to celebrate their team playing an early Thursday night game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

How did they Twitter tailgate? By taking star defensive tackle Donatri Poe’s name and inserting it into movie titles. Here’s a sampling of the festivities that took place today.






The tweets have absolutely no barring on the game tonight, but Dontari Poe has been a beast for the Chiefs so far in his career and now that the team is actually good, this might be a hashtag we see trending more often. Chiefs fans love their traditions and aren’t afraid to be superstitious, so if Poe has a big game tonight, you’ll know why.

No one knows why it started, but all we Poe is it happened and Chiefs fans continue to be the strangest and most awesome fans in the NFL.

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