Star Wars: Episode VII Casting Rumors: Saoirse Ronan Cast as First Sith Lord?


With the start of filming rapidly approaching, the cast of the new Star Wars Episode VII will have to eventually be confirmed and announced. Until then though, we will be beat over the head with rumor after rumor that so far haven’t lead anywhere but in a circle. Names have flowed in from all over the map but at some point one of the names that gets tossed against the wall will stick to the dart board hanging there.

According to the hit and miss Latino Review (we kid El Mayimbe because we love), Irish actress Saoirse Ronan will be one of the names stuck to the dart board when all is said an official.

I tried to find out what Ronan went in but they wouldn’t tell me. During the conversation what was very interesting was that there will be a female villain part as well. NOW I’m not saying Ronan went in for that part, for all you know Ronan went in for the Solo daughter.

It’s been long rumored that a female may be part of the conversation in the film and it makes sense if the films are going to to stick to cannon that already exists in the EU. Of course the most obvious plot points to follow would be those that lead us to a Solo child turning to the dark side and in the existing books, that’s the son of Solo.

If the rumor holds water, Ronan would be a quality talent to kick off the younger portion of the cast. Not only that, but the mention of her name is interesting in that it fits with the type of ‘unknown’ actor J.J. Abrams likes to cast. Sure, Ronan was in The Lovely Bones and The Host but no one under the age of 25 flocked to see the previous and no one saw the latter. However if you did manage to catch the brilliant Hanna, you’re very aware of the fact that the Irish beauty can act and kick a lot of tail while doing it.

So the Abrams acting equation may compute to this rumor holding more water than you’d think.

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